Anniversary trip to Maine – Part II

Our main reason for heading to Maine (main and Maine, ha I’m so clever) was to do some hiking in Acadia National Park. Over the previous months, James and I had been working hard to get back into great physical shape and were looking forward to a nice hike or two. When we spoke with the ranger at the park to ask for guidance, James mentioned being up for a challenging hike, little did I know how challenging it would truly be.

Day 1 in Acadia National Park consisted of hiking up to Cadillac Mountain. With an elevation of 1,528 feet , Cadillac Mountain is the first location in the United States to see the sun rays in the morning. We ended up hiking 3.5 miles up to the top which started off nice and sunny before arriving to the summit and coming back down on a windy and foggy mountain. We did feel slightly really let down to see numerous tourists in cars and buses simply drive to top, get out, walk a few steps and enjoy the same view we’d worked hard to witness. At least there was the reward of knowing we burned every calorie of the meal we enjoyed that night.

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The final and most challenging hike but also most rewarding hike I’ve ever done in my life was up Penobscot Mountain. I found out after the fact that this is considered the most challenging hiking trail in Acadia National Park. It is appropriately called Precipice trail with an almost vertical 1000 foot climb the side of Champlain Mountain when sometimes the only method of climbing higher is relying on the iron rings and cracks in the rocks. It made carrying our DSLR a challenge but I am so glad I was able to capture this. We only witnessed 2 other people during the entire 4 hour hike which also made it very rewarding.

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